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Information we’ve gathered or created that can help you achieve your goals. Some are Vermont-specific, and some applicable anywhere, even outside of organizing.


We focus on preparing and guiding our clients to do their own testifying, organizing, campaigning and winning.

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Support (v. Education)

The word support is commonly used these days, often as a modifier with a noun: Support Group, Support Network, Personal Support, Tech Support. In our work at Action Circles, support is a richly layered verb. It isn’t used to describe general helpfulness or kindness, or having someone’s back (although these are good things too, in …

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Transparency (v. Hierarchy)


One of the cornerstones of democratic decision-making is the free flow of information. In any state, town, business or organization that aspires to be a democracy, there must be the opportunity for constituents to educate themselves in order to make informed decisions. Even in organizations where the power to make decisions is concentrated to a …

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