Consulting Services

The Action Circles Model of Organizing systematically captures the principles and methods that Action Circles uses to win campaigns. The model can be applied in many different ways, and has been tested in advocacy and political campaigns, fundraising efforts, and marketing plans. We use the model in all aspects of our work, and we can show you how to apply the model to your work to better achieve your goals.

Action Circles Academy

Would you like to learn how to use advocacy to build your organization’s strength, capacity, and success?
With our trainings, you will learn how to apply the Action Circles model to:

  • Plan a winning campaign
  • Develop a compelling message and change the story
  • Identify and engage activists and supporters at all levels to maximize their effort
  • Build broad and deep leadership to increase your organization’s power and resilience

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Political Strategy Consulting

Whether your organization needs guidance with strategy, lobbying, messaging, or any aspect of achieving your policy goals, Action Circles can work with you to keep your campaigns on track. We’re available for one-time or ongoing, yearly subscriptions. Arrange a Free Consult to see if we’re the right fit for you.

Campaign Planning and Management

If you have a specific change you want to make, Action Circles can help you to develop a campaign plan that gets results. We will work with your key leaders and decision makers to develop a plan that is proactive, uses your resources wisely and effectively, and moves you to the change you want to see. From message development to power analysis, we can help you think through the various aspects of campaigning for change and develop a plan that works for your organization. We can also train your board, staff, and key leaders in various skills to help make the plan run smoothly. Let us know if you have a change you’d like to make.