Action Circles Academy Series

Learn how to use advocacy to build your organization’s strength, capacity, and success!

A few times a year, Action Circles offers a six-course Academy Series on the Action Circles Model of Organizing! Participants learn how to apply the Action Circles model to:

  • Build broad and deep leadership to increase your organization’s capacity and strength
  • Develop a compelling message and change the story about your issue
  • Identify and engage activists and supporters at all levels, offering meaningful ways to participate that are effective and accessible

This Academy Series is a professional development opportunity for advocates, activists, and anyone interested in building leadership and support within their organization or for a Campaign. There will be some assignments throughout, but no more than 2 hours’ worth of work between classes for the classes with assignments. The Action Circles Model of Organizing is tested and effective. In addition to learning the ins and outs of our organizing model, this series is a peer-to-peer learning experience where folks are encouraged to share thoughts, ask questions, and share their own experiences to learn from each other. 

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