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Would you like to learn how to use advocacy to build your organization’s strength, capacity, and success?

Policy Change Workshop 2016

With our trainings, you will learn how to apply the Action Circles model to:

  • Plan a winning campaign
  • Develop a compelling message and change the story
  • Identify and engage activists and supporters at all levels to maximize their effort
  • Build broad and deep leadership to increase your organization’s power and resilience

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Full Action Circles Academy 3-Day Training

3 day workshop
Each Participant will receive their own Action Circles Workbook

This workshop is designed for organizational staff and high-level volunteers who want to build new skills and develop winning campaigns.

Happy Ending

All campaigns must begin with the end in mind. Your HAPPY ENDING is a clear expression of how you will know when you have succeeded in achieving your goal. Writing your HAPPY ENDING is sometimes the most difficult part of a campaign, and it is also one of the most important steps. Knowing where you want to go will provide a touchstone at difficult moments in the campaign, so you can decide the most strategic actions at those times.

Current Story Analysis & Message Development

Before you can develop a plan that leads to your HAPPY ENDING, first you must determine what story is currently being told, who is telling it, and what ending this story leads to. Then, you know the story that is being told and the BAD ENDING it leads to, and you know the ending you want –your own HAPPY ENDING. The next step is to determine how to CHANGE THE STORYso that it leads to your HAPPY ENDING instead of the BAD ENDING that you are heading toward now. This work will lead to your new message frame and talking points.

Power Analysis

A power analysis is used to assess where your power comes from, where your opponents’ power comes from, who else might have power in the situation, and how you can shift the power to your advantage. Paired with the work you have done to CHANGE THE STORY, your POWER ANALYSIS will help you to develop a strategy that leads you to your HAPPY ENDING.

Build A Platform & Let Them Stand On It

For this part of the plan, first, identify who has the power to do the thing or things that lead to your HAPPY ENDING and then SET THE STAGE for them to do that thing and be celebrated for it. Building the stage often requires you to CHANGE THE STORY first.

Write Your Campaign Plan & Develop Your Infrastructure

A campaign plan is essential to help you stay on track and know whether you are making progress toward your HAPPY ENDING. The plan will also help you to have a clear accountability structure and to help everyone involved see how they can plug into the campaign in effective ways.


Infrastructure is also very important. Having a database, a communications structure, an accountability and decision making structure, and other key tools and systems are critical to the success of a campaign.

Action Circles Organizing

6 hour workshop (includes time to do work for your group)
Each Participant will receive their own Action Circles Workbook

This workshop is best for leaders in an organization – staff, interns, board members

Fun Events

Events to get people interested in your work
3 hour workshop

Each Participant will receive their own Sign Me Up! Workbook

This workshop is best for people who are responsible for organizing people for a specific cause or group.

Participation for Policy Change

3 hour workshop

Each Participant will receive their own Participating in Democracy Workbook

This workshop is for anyone who wants to be more effective in the legislative process.

Let’s Meet Again!

Meeting Design for effectiveness, satisfaction, and productivity.

2 hour workshop

This workshop is for anyone who wants to have better meetings.

Tell My Story!

Working with the Media to Get Your Message Out

6 hour workshop (can be combined with another session to actually develop a media plan)

Each Participant will receive their own Tell My Story! Workbook

This workshop is for anyone who wants the media to tell their story.

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