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Fairness and respect must guide Hunger Mountain labor talks

What I am appreciating during this difficult time is the union’s willingness to stand for the workers, and to insist that they are paid well. This is a difficult thing in a small community. Yet, it is incredibly important. We must set our expectations high, and begin from a place of abundance. We can afford to pay these workers well. It’s that simple. And if, for some reason we think we can’t, then we should look at where our priorities are, and have a conversation about that.

Why is feminism a radical notion?

What does a feminist look like? I have identified as a feminist for pretty much all of my adult life. It is the one ist I will claim.

Mobilizing or Movement Building?

This past weekend, the fifth annual Environmental Action Conference was held at Vermont Technical College in Randolph. The conference offered more than 20 skill-building and issue-oriented workshops to over 250 participants. It featured a video address by governor-elect Peter Shumlin and a keynote by Professor Patrick Parenteau, who among other things is a former Commissioner of the Department of Environmental Conservation in Vermont.