June 30, 2014 | Decommissioning Vermont Yankee



Topic: Vermont Yankee is shutting down at the end of this year. We’ll be talking about how Vermonters can stay involved in issues associated with decommissioning and economic development as we enter this new era. Our guests will include Chris Williams from Citizens Awareness Network and Debra Stoleroff from the Vermont Yankee Decommissioning Alliance. We’ll talk about several things, including the new Citizens Advisory Panel that was created during the legislative session, the thermal discharge permit, the Certificate of Public Good, and economic development issues.

Guests: Jeffrey Lewis, Executive Director, Institute for Nuclear Host Communities
Jennifer Stromsten, Program Director, Institute for Nuclear Host Communities
Chris Williams, Citizens Awareness Network www.nukebusters.org
Debra Stoleroff, Vermont Yankee Decommissioning Alliance