June 23, 2014 | Budgets for the public, by the public



Topic: Public Works is a national organization dedicated to building the public will for the common good. One of Public Works’ focus areas is Public Budgets – how we can talk about them in a way that fosters understanding and engagement. Our guest Anika Fassia will discuss Public Works’ research and strategies around public budgets, and give us a few tips for how to talk about budgets in a way that makes them easier to understand. Public Assets Institute is based here in Vermont and its mission is to conduct research, perform fiscal analysis, disseminate information, and develop policies that apply the powers of government to improving the well-being of ordinary citizens, especially the most vulnerable. Paul Cillo is the President and Executive Director of Public Assets, and he’ll talk about the People’s Budget and the work Public Assets and others are doing here to make sure Vermonters are engaged in the budgeting process.

Guests: Anika Fassia, Public Works
Paul Cillo, Public Assets Institute publicassets.org