Monday morning QB: How Scott won

By Anne Galloway | VTDigger | November 14, 2016
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Politics is personal, but never more so than in Vermont.

In other states, like Pennsylvania or Ohio, actually meeting a gubernatorial candidate is a rarity.

Vermonters, on the other hand, expect to know the candidates, according to Amy Shollenberger, a lobbyist and former campaign manager for Doug Racine.

“In Vermont if you don’t meet the candidate you’re probably not voting for them,” Shollenberger said.

And that, she says, was what gave Republican Phil Scott the edge in last week’s general election over Sue Minter, the Democrat.

Shollenberger said wherever she went on the campaign trail this season, Scott’s team was there, working voters in every corner of the state.

“I was tripping over him everywhere I went,” Shollenberger said. “I think he ran a good campaign, and that’s basically all he had to do.”