7Days: At All Costs

One key campaign manager looking for work is Amy Shollenberger, who ran Doug Racine‘s campaign.

With scant resources but an army of union supporters and volunteers, Shollenberger fully applied her grassroots organizing skills.

If a job doesn’t turn up within the party, however, Shollenberger says she’ll focus on ramping up her consulting biz, Action Circles, whose slogan is “building movements with action and hope.”

Shollenberger started the business last year, just before Racine hired her to run his campaign.

Because Shollenberger was focused on the recount, Dempsey said the party is only now trying to find a spot for her on the fall election team.

“Her effort did not go unnoticed,” said Dempsey. “She also has a lot of important connections to different groups and constituencies with whom the party would like to stay connected.”

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