There will be a 90 min Introduction to Action Circles Academy in Missoula, MT
May 26th, 2016 at 2-3:30 PM
location TBD
Cost: $30

The Action Circles model helps your organization to organize in a way that gives people a sense of their own power, and wins concrete improvements in people’s lives. At the same time, it focuses on developing strategic and effective organizers and leaders.

Would you be interested in learning more about the Action Circles model and how it can help you and your organization to build your capacity while winning progressive policy campaigns?

If so, the Action Circles Team would like to talk to you!

The Action Circles team will be in Missoula May 24-26 and we’d be pleased to have the opportunity to meet with you to present our Action Circles Organizing Model and discuss how we could help to you.

Who are we?

Action Circles is a small, Vermont-based business and for the past 5 years we have been working with non-profit organizations and groups to build their power using the Action Circles Organizing Model.

The Action Circles team has developed a 3 day training we call Action Circles Academy. The full Action Circles Academy is designed for organizational staff and high-level volunteers who want to build new skills and develop winning campaigns. Attendees learn how to apply the Action Circles Organizing Model to:
• Clearly identify and express your goal
• Develop a compelling message and change the story
• Build and implement an effective campaign plan that leads to your goal
• Identify and engage activists and supporters at all levels to maximize their effort
• Build broad and deep leadership to increase your organization’s power and resilience

What is the Action Circles Organizing Model?

Amy Shollenberger has developed the Action Circles Model of Organizing over many years. Amy was originally trained at the Midwest Academy and has continued to use many of the fundamentals she learned there. Fifteen years of experience working with many groups and individuals engaged in organizing has strengthened and broadened her knowledge and skills. In the Action Circles Organizing Model, Amy has captured the principles and methods that Action Circles uses in a systematic way so that others can learn this model and apply it to their own organizing. The model can be applied in many different ways, and has been tested in advocacy and political campaigns, fundraising efforts, and marketing plans.

What results have groups experienced using the Action Circles Organizing Model?

In Vermont the Action Circles Organizing Model has been applied to accomplish the following:
• Establishing the GMO labeling law without a trigger.
• Closing Vermont Yankee nuclear power plant and refocusing activists to fight for a clean energy future while still addressing the important issues associated with decommissioning.
• Establishing Death with Dignity: End of Life Choice legislation
• Saving Vermont Earned Income Tax Credit for low-income Vermonters
• Creating the Working Lands Enterprise Board and the grant-making fund to support small businesses that depend on protecting Vermont’s working landscape.
• Creating the Expanded Learning Opportunities Fund for Vermont Afterschool to increase access to afterschool and summer learning.

Is the Action Circles Organizing Model a good fit for your organization?

Only you can answer this. So to help you decide, we are planning a 90 min Introduction to Action Circles Academy in Missoula, MT on May 26th at 2-3:30 PM (location TBD).

We are also scheduling private meetings while we’re in Missoula, so if you are interested in hearing more about our training, please email Cindy Metcalf or call (802) 793-7800 to schedule a meeting sometime May 26-28.

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