AC Academy and Webinars: Winter 2022

The Action Circles Webinar and Academy series are back, and we hope you’ll join us! This winter, Action Circles is hosting a series of webinars as well as a six-class Academy course focused on advocacy and strategic thinking for the legislative process and beyond. 

The webinar topics will be familiar to those who joined our Statehouse Series last September and October, but content is updated to reflect both the ways in which advocacy has had to change because of the COVID pandemic and previous participant’s feedback. The 2022 Academy Series is a repetition of the series held from July to September of 2021, where 10 participants came together to learn peer-to-peer, share thoughts, and ask questions regarding strategies to build organizational strength, capacity and success. 

Webinars. The webinar series began through the month of January via Zoom and contuinues through February, with a new webinar happening every Friday from 12:15 – 1:00 pm. Each webinar costs $25, and participants can either sign up for single webinars or for the full series. Details and registration are here.

Office Hours with Action Circles. The last Friday in January (28th) and February (25th) will be an Action Circles Open Office Hour, which is free and open to all, but registration is still required. 

Action Circles Academy. The Winter 2022 Action Circles Academy is a series of six classes from February 15th to April 5th where participants will learn how to apply the Action Circles advocacy model to build leadership, develop a compelling message about your issue, and engage supporters at all levels. Whether you are an experienced advocate or someone who is new to an issue or campaign, this series provides an opportunity to network and develop new knowledge and leadership skills with Amy Shollenberger, who has more than 20 years of grassroots organizing, policy, and political issue campaign experience. Details and registration here.