Policy Change Workshop 2016


AC has supported the VT Parent Child Center Network (PCC) for three years and I have served as their PCC point person during the legislative session. My level of interaction with Amy and her team has been extensive and has included strategy sessions, preparation of legislative materials, scheduling of testimony, frequent weekly contact during the session, and overall patterned communications to the PCC membership.
I hold AC in high regard for their diligent preparation, follow through, and coordinated teaming efforts that helped us manage and navigate successful exposure and funding with the legislature and administration. Amy is steady as a rock, firm in her convictions and politely tough as nails when it’s needed. Her team leaves no details unmanaged and produces excellent materials in support our of platform.
Scott Johnson, Lamoille Family Center

Citizens Awareness Network’s work with Action Circles was essential for us to move forward with a clear vision and effective goals. With Action Circles’ help we transformed our approach to organizing and created the necessary paradigm shift to accomplish our goals and protect our community. – Deb Katz, Executive Director, Citizens Awareness Network

The Action Circles grassroots organizing training guided me through purposeful principles, goals, and ideas for action that are totally relevant for my organization’s advocacy campaign. The framework of the training is inclusive and intentional—all are welcome and all learn what kinds of power we have and how we can share it with others. I left the training energized and ready to hit the ground running on how to build our movement! – Cassie Willner, Communications and Operations Coordinator, VT Afterschool, Inc.

Common Good Vermont – Vermont’s nonprofit capacity support organization – was at a crossroads a few years ago. The Action Circles team came in and trained us in their model, which helped us to focus on what was important and think more strategically to better meet our mission, which is to help Vermont’s nonprofits be more effective and make our state a better place to live. Amy and her staff are fantastic. – Kathleen Swanson, Development Director, Common Good VT

A few years ago I took the Action Circles Organizing workshop. Since that time, I continue to use what I learned to increase and deepen meaningful participation by our members. One of the most important skills I learned was the value of reaching out to people on the periphery of my organization and looking for opportunities to engage them in a more meaningful way. As I still use the tools I learned from the 6 hour workshop, I can only imagine how valuable a 3 day, small group immersion with Amy and her professional, accommodating staff will be. – Elizabeth Jesdale, UE Northeast Region Secretary/Treasurer, UE National General Executive Boardmember